A) eBooks, Workbooks & Templates

  1. Debt Management Template – This is a template I use in our Debt Management Workshop to get clear on your current debt situation
  2. ICE JAR Template – This is a fan favourite. A template I have been using for the past 12 years to buy 1 property a year. Also helps me get through the worse of times during my crisis, to identify my Money Cancer
  3. Financial Compass Workbook – This is a “Must-Have” to understand where you are currently at in your financial circumstances.
  4. PMR Template – Get this simple yet impactful template to find out whether you are overpaying your insurance premium but being undercover.
  5. PMR eBook –  Get the PMR eBook – How to Save 3x Insurance Premium Without Sacrificing Your Coverage
  6. Financial IQ Calculator – Find out how hard is your money working for you.
  7. Tax Optimization Tool – Find out how you can optimize your tax (legally)
  8. Financial Freedom Number – Find out your retirement number with an inflation-adjusted calculator
  9. Hidden GEM System – Here’s a preview of what Hidden GEM System is. Head over to J Academy to find out more
  10. – a sample of our stock screener to help you find undervalued and profitable companies to invest in. Head over to J Academy to find out more on Bursa Edition and US Edition

B) Bank Negara Malaysia Quick Links

  1. Monetary Policy Statement – Find out the latest announcement on the interest rate trend by BNM
  2. Monetary Policy Frequently Asked Questions – This is a fan favourite. For you who are always wondering what is OPR/inflation, find out more here how BNM decides whether to increase or decrease the interest rate. What are the factors they use to consider?
  3. Latest GDP Quarterly Announcements – This is for you if you like the details graph, numbers and presentation slides. Not for the average Joe

C) Securities Commission Quick Links

  1. Investor Alert List – Find out the list of unauthorised websites, investment products, companies and individuals updated by the Securities Commission
  2. Licensed Person by Securities Commission Search – This is where you can find out whether a person is licensed by Securities Commission