4 Funds To Setup To Be Unf***ablewith

Last week I shared the story of how Raymond found out he was overpaying RM 27,000 in his 21 insurance policies using my PMR Template. If […]
How Much Does A Dog BIte Cost?

How Much Does A Dog Bite Cost?

So I was bitten by a stray dog recently. It's painful and medical bills cost money. Would like to know how I don't have to pay this out of my own pocket?
policy maximization rate

Policy Maximization Rate

How do we come up with Policy Maximization Rate? Today’s topic is how we do it is we call it a policy maximization rate so as […]
Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?

Is Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?

Today I will debunk one of the misconception constantly being ask - Is Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?
Savings in Insurance?

Saving Money in Insurance?

Recently I got a call from 1 of my client asking why is his savings balance so low. So I decided to record a video to clarify this misconception of saving money in insurance. Here is what I got to say.....