Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?

Is Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?

Today I will debunk one of the misconception constantly being ask - Is Financial Planning = Selling Insurance?
Financial Planner vs Financial Advisor

Financial Planner Vs Financial Advisor

Did you know that Financial Planner & Financial Advisor are helping you to do different things? Even I didn't know until started asking this question "Aren't they the same?"
saving plan

Is Saving Plan Bad?

Are all saving plans bad? I used to think so, but how did I form the perception. Join me as I back track the 2 reason why many of us feel that it is a bad word/scam. Or is there a different perspective?

Is Fintech Safe?

This crisis has accelerated the use of technology, from education to shopping. But this question will always pop up whenever I share the latest way of investing. This last video concludes my 3 part series on How to Invest with RM 100 ? So tell me your experience on using FinTech to invest OR if you have not, tell me your reservations here....