eCCRIS report download

Download your CCRIS online report for FREE without leaving home?

Did you know how you can download your CCRIS online report for FREE without needing to go to BNM? Find out more here
should you go to AKPK because you can't pay your PTPTN

Should you go to AKPK because you can’t pay your PTPTN?

If you have a problem with PTPTN, should you be admitted to AKPK? Hi, my name is Ka Hoe and I’m the founder of J Advisory […]
Debt Consolidation

How To SAVE RM 10,000/month Using a Debt Consolidation Strategy?

How would you feel, when you find out 1 day you are RM 18,000 in the RED ? Not 1 month, but every month......
Malaysian struggling with debt case study 2

Debt Reduction – How to reduce 50% interest & settle your debts the fastest way

He was a responsible father & a caring husband, how did he get into his RM 150,000 debt?
Malaysian Struggling with Debt Case Study 1

Case Study #1 – Malaysian struggling with debt

Malaysian Struggling with Debt “Where do I go?” “Who can I turn to?” I met Ian (not his real name) when I went back to serve […]