How To Compare FD Structured Product

How to compare and determine FD structured product really gives me 6.88% return?

Are you curious certain advertised Fixed Deposit that give you 6.88% return are true? Let me attempt to compare and breakdown piece by piece for you
Warning! Read This First Before Withdrawing Your EPF RM 10,000

Warning – Read this first before withdrawing your EPF RM 10,000

‘Before you withdraw your RM 10,000 from EPF, read this first’. You may want to consider asking yourself these 3 questions

How to Increase your Salary with a winning resume

How to Increase your Salary with a winning resume Oftentimes, we think that we have to master some Jedi-level mind-controlling tactics to negotiate our salary. But […]

How to ask for a Salary raise even if you have ZERO negotiation skills

How many times you have thought about asking your boss for a raise but didn’t follow through on it at the last minute.  It might have […]
Are you getting paid enough

Are you getting paid the right amount of salary?

Wesley, an engineer, was ready to make a career move after nearly a decade at his company. Wesley also recently got married where he and his […]
5 Common Made Mistakes

5 Commonly Made Mistakes You May Have Made In The Past While Claiming Tax Relief

Let me share with you the 5 Commonly Made Mistakes I have seen Malaysians make over the years when looking to maximize your tax relief.
DSR No 1 Reason You Got Into Debt & How To Get Out Quickly

Debt Service Ratio (DSR): No.1 Reason people get into Debt and How to Get Out Quickly

Did you know Debt Service Ratio (DSR) is the No 1 reason high-income earners get into severe debt problems? Find out how to use it to get out of debt quickly

6 “Squid Game” lessons to help you win the game of money and debt

6 “Squid Game” lessons to help you win the game of money and debt The Korean drama Squid Game has become Netflix’s most popular series yet […]
How to Clear Your Most Burdening Loan Quickly?

How to Clear your MOST Burdening Loan quickly?

Do you want to know the biggest learning our students share after attending our Debt Management Workshop? By applying this simple concept, you can find out your most burdening loan & kill it off first. Seize the opportunity to get out of debt faster.
eCCRIS report download

Download your CCRIS online report for FREE without leaving home? (Updated Sep 2022)

Did you know how you can download your CCRIS online report for FREE without needing to go to BNM? Find out more here