About Us

J Advisory was created to close the poverty gap through financial education so that we are in a better position to lead a happy & fulfilling life.

We spend our prime years toiling & working hard to earn a decent living only to find that our efforts are wasted & not strategically aligned to our goals. With this new found ability we are  capable of hitting our goals in life & at the same time battling financial scams, frauds & protecting our loved ones from harm.

J stands for “家” which literally means family, home. So J Advisory is really a family or home to a group of aspiring millionaire practitioners. We constantly learn & share cutting edge  hacks to manage, improve and spearhead our financial life. 

At J Advisory, learning is a lifelong journey. We reckon that one cannot learn everything in this world. To accelerate learning, we have introduced Peer to Peer learning in our community to encourage different subject matter experts to contribute their areas of expertise.

How do we help?

J Academy conduct financial education modules to educate our community how to calibrate, conserve and charge forward in their money management. J Advisory will provide coaching and mentoring through our weekly group eCoaching session. We partner with financial planning firms to provides products and solutions as well as fee based consulting.

How are we different?

We are Implementation focused & Results driven
Constant improvement & hacks to accelerate result & simplify our life
Experiential learning, Financial Education simplified 

Our core values

Meet Ka Hoe

Ka Hoe was a software engineer with 3 MNC banks. But he faced extreme stress due to the politicking & lack of personal finance help and hit a wall. He was looking for someone to guide him in personal finance but couldn’t find 1 back in 2008. He decided to take it upon himself, deep diving into personal finance as a practitioner.

Having been in the financial industry for the past 13 years, he still notice that the financial literacy level in Malaysia, was still low. That is how J Advisory was born. As an academy to improve lives through personal finance education & mentoring. Today, he continues to be active in conducting webinars, seminars, coaching and mentoring sessions.