J Advisory was created to close the poverty gap through financial education so that we are in a better position to lead a happy & fulfilling life.

We spend our prime years toiling & working hard to earn a decent living only to find that our efforts are wasted & not strategically aligned to our goals. With this newfound ability, we are capable of hitting our goals in life & protect our loved ones from debts, scams & frauds.

J stands for “家” which literally means family, home. So J Advisory is really a family or home to a group of aspiring millionaire practitioners. We constantly learn & share cutting edge hacks to manage, improve and spearhead our financial life. 

J Advisory’s Mission – helping managers, executives and working professionals struggling financially to Turnaround & Elevate their financial well-being with proven tools, systems & strategies.

J Advisory’s Vision – Creating the 1st Debt-Free Community in Malaysia for helping 1 Million Malaysians.

How do we help?

J Academy – conducts live & on-demand workshops for you to ‘Do-It-Yourself’. Imagine you are on a weight-fit program. Everyone can start learning ‘How’To’ and do it yourself. So similarly, in J Academy you can start to learn and put our systems and tools to get results immediately.

J Advisory – conducts coaching & mentoring for our students who want to ‘Do The Right Thing & Do The Thing Right’. They may face challenges of not getting results through ‘DIY’, similar to how you hire a Personal Trainer for getting the 6 packs or losing the busty waistline. Instead of wasting time & effort, they are serious about getting their results & want to hire a Financial Coach to coach & mentor them to improve their money problem. J Advisory conducts group coaching and 1 to 1 private session.

Lastly, we partner with Financial Planning firms to source solutions similar to someone who needs medical attention. A doctor may prescribe either medicine or operation depending on the severity of the patient’s medical situation. Similarly, we would suggest & refer our trustworthy, ethical and experienced practitioner that places the interest of clients first to treat & nurture them back to good financial health.

How are we different?

We are Results driven & Implementation focused

Tried & tested to Accelerate your Results

Done For You to simplify your life

Experiential learning, Financial Education simplified 

Why Us?

We provide an easy, actionable, step by step method that gives clarity & focus on producing results. We designed the entire program around the fact you don’t need to learn 1001 things: More ideas & concepts is not better. Less & problem focus syllabus reduce the noise.

No empty theories: every single tactic or technique we teach is tied to specific, real-world examples. 

Tried & tested: System & strategies are tried & tested from the experience of Licensed Financial Planner & Practitioner that spans across 12 years – the objective is to amplify what works & minimize the million-dollar mistakes, others have made.

“Done for you”: We give you every tool possible in order to get you results faster, including formulas, templates, workbooks, etc.– everything short of doing it for you