Creating 1000 Millionaire Families to make a Positive Impact to our Community


Why Us?

  • We will teach and guide you on how to take advantage of your current financial situation with the practical tools that matter in this current changing world

  • Our courses are made specifically to equip you with an overall understanding of the most important skills that will be relevant to use in your lifetime

  • Once enrolled, you will be surrounded by a community of like minded practitioners, striving towards the same goal of financial success

How do we help?

J Academy conduct financial education modules to educate our community how to calibrate, conserve and charge forward in their money management.

J Advisory will provide coaching and mentoring through our weekly group eCoaching session

We partner with financial planning firms to provides products and solutions as well as fee based consulting

Kick start your financial journey with

1. DIY with ICE JAR - our money management hack so you can spend within your means

2. Join the Profit From Crisis Course to set your money foundation for 10x growth

3. Be part of the tribe of financial practitioners & millionaire families


M1: Ice Jar

Are you eager to find out the money management habits of successful entrepreneurs? Discover how to achieve stronger financial health in 30 minutes with a proven tool


M3: Profit from Crisis

We empower entrepreneurs with a plan to manage their personal finance & business.


Crisis Survival Kit

FInd out for yourself what is your current financial status with this crucial kit.


M0: Art of Breakthough

Discover your true self and find the path of least resistance to reach your goals in half the time. Learn how to attract core team members by speaking their inner desire & belief system.


Speakers list

Ka Hoe

Financial Turnaround Coach

Henry Lee

Mind Breakthrough Coach

Case Studies

50+ successful case studies.

Browse through the different problems our students faced and how they used our tools and systems to solve it.

If they can do it, so can you.


What's New in 2021

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